FAQ / Frequently asked questions

1. How do I choose my perfume?

The perfume is more than a smell, it is an olfactory signature.
Choosing a perfume is a personal approach that is done according to your habits, your tastes or your olfactory memory.

- Define what you like to choose your perfume:
Choose at first your "olfactory universe" (floral, woody, oriental, hesperid, chypre, leather ...) or simply your desire of the moment.

- Give the perfume a try on your skin:
We start by spraying the perfume on a piece of paper. Do you like perfume? Try it on the inside of your wrist. Do not rub your wrists against each other, at the risk of breaking the olfactory molecules and distorting the juice...
If the charm works, resist the temptation to buy it immediately and let it sit for a few hours.

- Leave the perfume to sit:
The skin’s pH indeed varies the fragrances and plays on their hold.
Over the hours, the perfume reveals its core notes, that you can smell up to 4 hours after the vaporization, and the bottom notes, which can sometimes last several days.

- You can also use our OLFACTORY DIAGNOSIS on this website.

2. How do I choose my fragrance without a men's / women's category to help me?

At Montale Parfums, it doesn't matter what gender, as long as you have the emotion...
Our scents are designed to universally provoke emotion, sensation. That's why we take the side of not imposing gender. As explained above, the type of skin (male, female) makes the fragrances vary. A perfume that's a priori feminine can be incredible on a man's skin and vice versa.

Don't hesitate to ask for advice if you need it by email: sav@montaleparfums.com

3. What should I do if I can no longer smell my perfume after a certain amount of time?

First of all, be aware that this is normal. It can simply be explained by the habit generated by a perfume you have been wearing for years. This habit no longer allows you to perceive the perfume as you did when you first used it.

However, don't worry, your entourage will remain sensitive to your fragrant sillage.

Another solution to enhance your perfume?
Alternate and change your perfume regularly in order to rediscover the pleasure of scenting yourself and your favorite fragrances, or simply use complementary products in the range, for example, a body cream.

4. How to keep your perfume as long as possible, without altering it?

The Montale aluminum bottle has been specially created to protect and preserve valuable essences and contribute to their evolution.

Usually used by Grasse perfumers in larger sizes to retain their perfume concentrates, the bottle has become a bottle for niche perfume and a luxury product.

« The fragrance you buy today will acquire its strength and roundness as it is preserved. Time and maceration: the secret to an elixir. » - Pierre Montale.

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