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A - Order
B - Payment
C - Delivery
D - Return
E - Products
F - Counterfeiting
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A - Ordering

1. Are the items shown in the online store available?

The items shown in the online shop are generally available for sale. However, it may happen that some products are out of stock. When you select the product on the item page, its availability is displayed on the screen. However, if, exceptionally, an item is sold out after your order has been confirmed, you will be informed by email as soon as possible.

2. Are the same collections available on the website as in-store?

The collections offered on the website are not always identical to those offered in the Montale Parfums stores. Some products are exclusive to our Mother House and others to our website www.montaleparfums.com.

The other Montale stores and points of sale around the world do not necessarily have the same collections. These are decided by the distributor of the country concerned.

3. How can I check the status of my order?

You will automatically receive emails from us telling you about the progress of your order.

However, please contact the carrier to get the status information of your package in real time. For further information, you can then contact us by email, attaching a copy of your claim that you have sent to the carrier and your order reference.

4. Can I amend my order after confirming it?

Once your order has been placed and sent to us, no amendments are possible. However, we invite you to write to us at sav@montaleparfums.com

B – Payment

1. 1. How can I pay for my purchases on the Montale Parfums website?

All our payment methods have been carefully selected to make the ordering process as simple and smooth as possible. The Montale Parfums website offers the following payment methods: Credit card, Paypal.

2. Are my bank details kept?

All information communicated in order to process payment is encoded using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This data cannot be detected, intercepted or used by any third party, nor will it be retained on our IT systems. No information of a banking nature is stored on our website. Your banking information is directly entered on the secure server of our technical and financial partner Sogenactif. The banking information that you communicate, encrypted on your own computer, will never circulate unencrypted on the Internet.

3. Can I pay for my order by telephone?

All orders must be placed on our website. No payments will be made by phone for obvious security reasons.

C – Delivery

1. Which countries do you deliver to?

Metropolitan France and Overseas Territories (Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Mayotte, Reunion, Saint-Barthélemy, Saint-Martin, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon), Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

*EU countries not listed have their own local distributors. Please consult our map to find your nearest dealer: https://montaleparfums.com/en/stores.

2. What are the delivery charges?

For all orders of 125€ or over, delivery is free.

For all orders below this amount:

- France: 7 €

- Europe* & Overseas Territories: 15 €

3. How long are your delivery times?

Delivery is provided by Colissimo Expert for Metropolitan France (including Corsica) and by Colissimo International for other countries.

Exceptionally, the average delivery time in France is between 6 and 14 working days, and in Europe* between 8 and 30 working days excluding weekends, public holidays and sales periods due to the major difficulties experienced by the postal services due to COVID-19.
Tracking and delivery can take up to a month for some regions (Switzerland, UK - Brexit, Germany, Ireland, Cyprus, Romania... ).

4. Can I track my order?

Once your parcel has been handed over to the carrier, you will receive an email containing your dispatch confirmation as well as a tracking number. This information is also accessible from your customer account.

D - Returns

Exceptionally, due to the difficult recovery of postal services, exchanges and returns will not be accepted until further notice.

1. Can I exchange an item in the shop?

Exceptionally, we inform you that purchases made on our e-boutique can be exchanged at the Paris boutique only, returns are not accepted for the moment.

2. What should I do if my parcel is damaged on arrival?

Upon receipt of your package, we recommend that you check the condition of the products delivered before signing the acknowledgement of receipt of the package and refuse delivery if you notice any anomalies.

3. What should I do if my package is marked "delivered" and it is not the case?

On receipt of your parcel, if the packaging is showing signs of damage, you may either: Refuse the parcel, in which case it will be returned straight to the sender or accept the parcel whilst clearly noting your concerns with the carrier and informing the sender.

Montale Parfums will not be, in any way, responsible for any loss, theft or damage.

4. What should I do if an item I have bought from the Montale Parfums e-store is faulty?

Montale Parfums pays particular attention to the quality of its products. However, should you find any fault despite all the quality checks carried out, please inform us of this problem by contacting our customer service department. Be careful, no complaint beyond 30 days will be treated.

Please contact our customer service directly by e-mail with pictures of your product:
sav@montaleparfums.com by putting your order reference on your invoice or confirmation e-mail (8 letters) in the subject of your e-mail.

If we accept the fault, we will offer to exchange your item (subject to availability) or a refund. The cost of returning and re-dispatching the item will be entirely at our expense.

5. What should I do if an item I have bought from one of your retailers is faulty?

Please return it to the point of sale where you made this purchase. They will examine the defective item and decide whether to repair or exchange it, if it does not reach our product quality standards.

We will not be able to take charge of the exchange or refund of a defective product purchased from one of our resellers.

E - Products

1. How do I choose my perfume?

The perfume is more than a smell, it is an olfactory signature.
Choosing a perfume is a personal approach that is done according to your habits, your tastes or your olfactory memory.

- Define what you like to choose your perfume:
Choose at first your "olfactory universe" (floral, woody, oriental, hesperid, chypre, leather ...) or simply your desire of the moment.

- Give the perfume a try on your skin:
We start by spraying the perfume on a piece of paper. Do you like perfume? Try it on the inside of your wrist. Do not rub your wrists against each other, at the risk of breaking the olfactory molecules and distorting the juice...
If the charm works, resist the temptation to buy it immediately and let it sit for a few hours.

- Leave the perfume to sit:
The skin’s pH indeed varies the fragrances and plays on their hold.
Over the hours, the perfume reveals its core notes, that you can smell up to 4 hours after the vaporization, and the bottom notes, which can sometimes last several days.

- You can also use our OLFACTORY DIAGNOSIS on this website.

2. How do I choose my fragrance without a men's / women's category to help me?

At Montale Parfums, it doesn't matter what gender, as long as you have the emotion...
Our scents are designed to universally provoke emotion, sensation. That's why we take the side of not imposing gender. As explained above, the type of skin (male, female) makes the fragrances vary. A perfume that's a priori feminine can be incredible on a man's skin and vice versa.

Don't hesitate to ask for advice if you need it by email: sav@montaleparfums.com

3. What should I do if I can no longer smell my perfume after a certain amount of time?

First of all, be aware that this is normal. It can simply be explained by the habit generated by a perfume you have been wearing for years. This habit no longer allows you to perceive the perfume as you did when you first used it.

However, don't worry, your entourage will remain sensitive to your fragrant sillage.

Another solution to enhance your perfume?
Alternate and change your perfume regularly in order to rediscover the pleasure of scenting yourself and your favorite fragrances, or simply use complementary products in the range, for example, a body cream.

4. How to keep your perfume as long as possible, without altering it?

The Montale aluminum bottle has been specially created to protect and preserve valuable essences and contribute to their evolution.

Usually used by Grasse perfumers in larger sizes to retain their perfume concentrates, the bottle has become a bottle for niche perfume and a luxury product.

« The fragrance you buy today will acquire its strength and roundness as it is preserved. Time and maceration: the secret to an elixir. » - Pierre Montale.

F - Counterfeit

1. What does Montale Parfums do in case of purchase of a potential counterfeit on the Internet?

You can give us the details of the seller (name, place of sale, whether a store or a website) so that we can consider the measures to be taken to put an end to these acts of counterfeiting. We draw your attention to the fact that despite our daily actions against sites offering products for sale which are damaging to Montale Parfums, the internet remains a significant vector for the dissemination of counterfeits. That is why, in your interest, we advise you to buy on our official website: montaleparfums.com or to check our points of sale and authorized websites: montaleparfums.com/en/stores.

We are deeply sorry, but we will not be able to guarantee that your perfume is an original if you have not bought it in the official structures that we have just detailed.

G - You didn't find an answer to your question?

The help section above is a quick and easy way to find answers to your questions. Can't find the answer to your question? Don't worry, our expert is available to assist you by phone at +33 1 40 70 07 09, Monday from 10am to 5pm and Tuesday to Friday from 1pm to 5.30pm, excluding public holidays.

E-mail : sav@montaleparfums.com