FAQ / Frequently asked questions

- Do you send samples ?

We regret to inform you that we can provide any samples for the moment, but you can find a « Little Treasure Box » (3x20 ml for 70 euros) to try and test 3 of our perfumes: http://montaleparfums.com/en/my-little-treasure-box/184-coffret.html

- Do you have shop in Paris (or France) ?

Yes.. 68, Rue Pierre Charron / 75008 Paris (near to Champs Elysées)

- Can some perfumes among the Montale range be in a bottle different from the one pictured on your website?

Yes. To fight against a growing black market, some of our distributors asked for different colours. For instance, Roses Musk is in a matte pink bottle with golden spirals in Arabic countries. To be sure, please take a look at our official distributors list.