Oud Edition

Oud Edition

Oud Edition

A focus to the first Love of Pierre Montale, at the origin of everything: the Oud.
A timeless fragrance, rich in contrast and at the same time so harmonious. With its limpid simplicity, it underlines the natural beauty and richness of Montale's signature ingredients: Rose, Oud, Incense, Leather, Sandalwood and a powerful musky accord.
Oud Edition, an eternal scent that rises from the depths of the dunes for a sacred journey to the heart of the Orient.

Attenzione: gli elenchi degli ingredienti utilizzati nella composizione dei prodotti Montale Parfums Paris vengono aggiornati regolarmente. Prima di utilizzare un prodotto Montale, leggere l'elenco degli ingredienti sulla confezione per assicurarsi che gli ingredienti siano adatti al proprio uso personale.

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It is while recalling his first memory of a trip to the heart of the desert that OUD EDITION slowly took shape in his imagination.
The desert... a unique moment where everything seems immobile and infinite and which joins the first inspirations of this ingredient with unlimited combinations.
This moment, where the first rays of the sun come to warm up the atmosphere of an icy night and where the horizon line between the sky and the earth merge in a fascinating and mystical light.
Oud Edition is all of these. A timeless fragrance, rich in contrast and at the same time so harmonious.

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