1. What does Montale Parfums do in case of purchase of a potential counterfeit on the Internet?

You can give us the details of the seller (name, place of sale, whether a store or a website) so that we can consider the measures to be taken to put an end to these acts of counterfeiting. We draw your attention to the fact that despite our daily actions against sites offering products for sale which are damaging to Montale Parfums, the internet remains a significant vector for the dissemination of counterfeits. That is why, in your interest, we advise you to buy on our official website: or to check our points of sale and authorized websites:

We are deeply sorry, but we will not be able to guarantee that your perfume is an original if you have not bought it in the official structures that we have just detailed.

For your information, we do not sell any products through Instagram or Snapchat.

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