Hair mists

Our hair products line offers 4 mists inspired by our iconic fragrances.
They offer a fragrant ritual where a scent is sublimated in a wave or simply meant to wrap your hair into a delicate fragrance.
A feminine collection for an intense and sensual wave.


A collection of sophisticated candles inspired by our iconic fragrances.
Our unique, high-quality soy-based wax ensures 40 hours of even burn, optimising fragrance release.
Fans of exclusive fragrances will thoroughly enjoy this highly desirable Montale product.

Montale discovery kit

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Montale discovery kit

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The Montale house gives you the opportunity to discover the most iconic fragrances with our selected dicovery kits (7x2ml).
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A fragrance is a natural and living raw material, which continues its maceration.
The fragrance you buy today will gain strength and roundness along its conservation. Time and maceration: The secret of an elixir.

- Pierre Montale

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