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Amber & Spices
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amber & spices

The dry heat of the most precious oriental woods – Sandalwood from India, Ebony, Aoud – is exhaled by the velvety Amber and Rose from...
Amber Musk
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amber musk

Can you imagine a fragrance that doesn't overwhelm the entire body? Like a caress, Amber Musk arouses a thrill, an emotion. A mysterious and carnal fragrance, that intertwines Musk...
Aoud Ambre
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aoud ambre

A very old Aoud combined with a magnificent Eastern Amber for a duo with vitality thanks to the Cystus Ladaniferus from the Indies and to 50 other components. The Aoud...
Aoud Cuir d'Arabie
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aoud cuir d'arabie

A combination of Tobacco, Leather and burnt Wood notes. The Aoud develops all his strength and roundness.
Aoud Damascus
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aoud damascus

All the refinement of the Arabian Aoud, associated with acidulous Damascus Roses, enhanced by Olibanum and magnetic Gurjum.
Aoud Ever
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aoud ever

The brillant harmony of a noble Aoud combined with the intense freshness of Bergamot, Lemongrass and Lavender spiced with Black Pepper and Saffron.
Aoud Flowers
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aoud flowers

The Rose Absolute and Geranium Flowers meet the luxury of Guaiac and Teak woods to enhance the soft Aoud scent. A masculine perfume on the edge of femininity, with a crisp touch of...
Aoud Forest
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aoud forest

This Aoud invents a forest with Marine notes, on a base of White Musk and Ambergris, pounds between the freshness of Lemon, Grapefruit, Rosemary and the richness of Rose and...
Aoud Greedy
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aoud greedy

Delicious and sensual, Black Licorice, combined with Amber and Patchouli Leaves, diffuses an unforgettable sillage of greedy notes, Vetiver and White Musk.
Aoud Jasmine
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aoud jasmine

The alliance of the fruity Mandarin, Apple and Pear, sublimates Indian Jasmine, voluptuous Rose and Aoud from Nepal for a fleshly sillage of Amber and Musk.
Aoud Lagoon
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aoud lagoon

The mysterious Osmanthus, sweetened by juicy Mandarin from Sicily, invites you to an intimate journey, where, guided by the mystic Lotus Flower and sensual Tiare, you discover...
Aoud Leather
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aoud leather

A very cool Leather scintillating of noble Spices: Pepper from India, Cardamom from Guatemala, Saffron. The fruity note of Bergamot from Calabria shines on the Ambergris ...
Aoud Legend
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aoud legend

« Aoud Legend » reveals a new aspect of the Aoud, a multi-faceted legendary wood. The Leather, deep and intense, seduces through the perfect harmony of Rose, Patchouli...
Aoud Lime
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aoud lime

The sensuality of a very precious Aoud from the mountains of Pakistan, freshened with notes of Indian Roses and Italian Iris, on an Amber, Patchouli and Sandalwood base, with a touch of...
Aoud Musk
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aoud musk

A timeless elegance thanks to Saffron, Ebony and Vetiver. Amber spreads and reveals a noble oriental heart of Musk and Aoud.
Aoud Purple Rose
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aoud purple rose

The delicacy of Rose Petals magically combined to a luminous Saffron powder reveals the power of luxurious Aoud.
Aoud Safran
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aoud safran

An exceptional combination of three materials with powerful spiritual impact: Saffron, Aoud and Roses for a highly sensual fragrance.
Aoud Sense
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aoud sense

The mouth-watering Mandarin and Orange from Calabria, spiced with Clove and Black Pepper, open our senses on the most addictive trio. The sensual Bulgarian Rose, empowered by the...
Aoud Velvet
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aoud velvet

Orange Flower, Ylang-Ylang, Tiare Flower and Arabian Aoud in a lascivious dance, surrounded by warm notes of Vanilla, Tonka Bean and Sandalwood.
Aromatic Lime
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aromatic lime

The strength of Lime and bitter Orange. Saffron, Galbanum and Myrrh lay on a combination of Vetiver, Sandalwood and Patchouli Leaves.
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Bewitched by an ancestral perfumed ritual which comes to us from the nomadic Arab tribes of the Middle East, Pierre Montale has created BAKHOOR (pronounced BAROUR), a raw and wild...
Bengal Oud
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bengal oud

A wild and delicate leather, surrounded by mysteries, dark and animal. A game of subtle contrasts between the duo - leather, oud - and the sensuality of the wet notes of a lush jungle....
Black Musk
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black musk

Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Teakwood, Leather, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Ambergris, Musk: an irresistible aura in the wake of Princes. 
Blue Amber
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blue amber

Crisp and dynamic hesperidic notes combined with Italian Bergamot and Bourbon Geranium. The heart of the scent is composed of Coriander, Patchouli and Vetiver, that develop subtly to set...
Boisé Fruité
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boisé fruité

The green and woody heart of Violet Leaves unites the fruity coolness of the Bergamot from Italy, the Mandarin Tree Leaves and the Lime to the brown depth of the Vetiver Roots from...
Boisé Vanillé
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boisé vanillé

The very first Wood-Vanilla by Montale blends Jamaican Pepper, Lemon, Lavender and Bergamot notes, underlined by a floral harmony of Italian Iris and Geranium Bourbon, on a sensual ground...
Chocolate Greedy
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chocolate greedy

The delicacy of the Tonka Bean lightly toasted and flavored with dry fruits, Orange and Vanilla.
Chypré Fruité
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chypré fruité

Sophisticated and fruity, a seducing fra grance thanks to Musk and Chypre. A harmony of Bergamot, Rose, Jasmine on a base of Patchouli...
Chypré Vanillé
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chypré vanillé

The spirituality of Tibetan lakans for this mystical perfume that is a subtle blend of Vanilla, Tibetan rock Rose, Amber and Incense over a woody combination of Sandalwood and Vetiver,...
Dark Aoud
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dark aoud

A variation on the theme of dark and intense Aoud. The magnificence of the Sandalwood of India sieves this partition of materials come from the depths of the Asian forests.
Embruns d'Essaouira
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embruns d'essaouira

Iodine from the high waves of Essaouira, combined with Cedarwood from the Moroccan Atlas on a background of Spices and Eastern Musk.
Fantastic Oud
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fantastic oud

Rich, nuanced and warm, Fantastic Oud reveals the raw character of the Aoud. Rose, Patchouli, Tobacco, Incense and Styrax merge with the voluptuous notes of Leather, Sandalwood and...
Fougères Marine
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fougères marine

A harmony of Ferns - Lavender, Geranium, Patchouli, Oak Moss - on a base of Sea freshness and cool Musk.
Fruits of the Musk
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fruits of the musk

A fruity garden of Italy: Mandarin of Sicily, Bergamot of Calabria. The Blackberries, the Raspberries and the Strawberry Leaves harmonized with the Bulgarian Roses, underlined by the...
Full Incense
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full incense

Elemi, Incense of Somalia, Labdanum, the sacred resins of trees in harmony with the Cedar Wood and the Patchouli Leaves are an offering of woody, dry, hot, smoky notes.
Ginger Musk
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ginger musk

A surprising, sparkling Ginger starting point combined with Blackberry and White Musk on a base of Red Berries.
Gold Flowers
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gold flowers

An intense solar strength is radiated by this fragrance as colored and joyful as Indian silk: Tuberose, Hot Pepper, Clove, Sandalwood, Ambergris, the materials shine and shimmer to fire...
Golden Aoud
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golden aoud

A harmony of Roses from Bulgaria, Geranium Bourbon and Patchouli Leaves, with Leather's and Jamaican Capsicum's heart notes, laid on a woody base of Aoud, Saffron, Teakwood and Cedar Wood...
Golden Sand
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golden sand

The addictive duo, Orange from Calabria and Fresh Mint, warmed by Saffron. “The Golden Spice”, jealously guards a delicate heart of Violet, Rose and Jasmine and settle on the skin with...
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The man's blend "par excellence" is composed of Cedar Wood, Sandalwood, Vetiver and Guaiac, combined with the spicy scents of Ginger and Black Pepper over a base of Arabian Leather, Musk...
Honey Aoud
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honey aoud

An irresistible honeyed heart enclosing Leaves of Patchouli from Sumatra and Delicate Floral Notes, spirited with lively Cinnamon from Ceylan, is magnified with precious Laotian Aoud, Rich...
INTENSE Black Aoud
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intense black aoud

This perfume extract works very well alone. Yet, combined with Montale perfumes from the same olfactive universe, it will give you a unique and timeless chic sillage. "A magnificent...
Intense Pepper
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intense pepper

An exciting blast of Peruvian Pink Pepper and Black Pepper from Madagascar unveils a beautiful Floral heart and leaves a very rich sillage of luxurious Aoud from Malaysia, hedonic Cedar...
Jasmin Full
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jasmin full

The age old blend of the white blossoms that symbolize the perfumed Arabian Nights: Jasmine, Honeysuckle and Orange Blossom.
Leather Patchouli
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leather patchouli

Leather Patchouli invites us onto the shores of a lake in India where we surprise the reflection of the first rays of the sun on the calm water. Oud wood, Saffron, Patchouli and Vanilla...
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The sumptuous softness of the Essence of Turkish Rose matches the power of Aoud in the silky notes of Violet Leaves and Musk, smoked by Patchouli from Indonesia and Sandalwood from India.
Mango Manga
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mango manga

The exotic and solar energy of Mango is sublimated by the vibrant Neroli from Calabria and Jasmine Sambac Oil, refreshed by the sweet Orange, on a base of Cedar, Vetiver and Oak...
Musk To Musk
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musk to musk

A years-long search empowered the creation of this elegant and attractive Musk. A magnificent and mysterious ointment flavored with precious Woods, Ambergris and...
Nepal Aoud
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nepal aoud

A Majestic Nepalese Aoud in a radiant spicy cloud of Nutmeg and Saffron from Kashmir, laid on a beautiful heart of Bulgarian Rose and intense Amber Notes, leaves a very seductive sillage...
Orange Aoud
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orange aoud

A rich and noble character for this Aoud from Malaysia combined with a breath of Spices and Bergamot, revealing a beautiful heart of Patchouli and subtle Violet, and leaving an enthralling...
Orange Flowers
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orange flowers

Revealed by a brilliant combination of Spices and Citrus fruits from Sicily, the captivating Orange Blossom luminously combined with Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine and Patchouli rests on a precious...
Oud Dream
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oud dream

A wonderfully exotic, spicy and honeyed fragrance. Gently sweet and slightly musky, Oud Dream is a sensual and bewitching fragrance. The Rose, the Oud and the Patchouli leaves envelop, like...
Oud Tobacco
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oud tobacco

Hypnotic and wonderfully suave, Oud Tobacco intrigues with its Tonka - Tobacco accord. Citrus, Cumin and Red Sumac delight the senses, while Incense, Oud and Orange Blossom draw...
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Explosive top notes of Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit and Pepper mingle with notes of Rose, Jasmine, Labdanum, Black Tea and Smoked Wood. The fusion of the strength and elegance of Oud reveals...
Patchouli Leaves
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patchouli leaves

Beautiful Patchouli Leaves macerated for two years in the trunk of an Oak Tree combined with Vanilla, Amber and White Musk on a base of Cystus Ladaniferus from Tibet.
Pink Extasy
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pink extasy

Juicy fruits from Cuba, Orange and Tangerine, sprinkled with Black Pepper, reveal a flowery garden of Egyptian Jasmine, Rose, Iris Roots and Orange Blossom that develops subtly on a...
Powder Flowers
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powder flowers

The most exalting Rose, Jasmine and Osmanthus flowers combined with Atlas Cedar and Tonka Bean for a very suave powdery floral fragrance.
Pure Gold
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pure gold

An extremely luminous concentrate of white flowers: Orange Blossom, Neroli and Jasmine from Egypt, and fruits: Apricot and Mandarin from Italy , for a supple and...
Red Vetiver
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red vetiver

The woody depth of Vetiver from Ha i ti, Cedar wood from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains and Patchouli Leaves reveals the fresh notes of Grapefruit, around an...
Rose Night
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rose night

Elegant leaves of Rose enfold an enchanting heart of crystalline essence of Bulgarian Rose combined to Patchouli from Sumatra and warmed by rich Amber and Sensual White Musk.
Royal Aoud
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royal aoud

All the bewitchment of Aoud, cooled by Kumquat and Grapefruit, fresh Andira Wood and Spices from India.
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Sea notes from the ocean combined with the coolness of Juniper Berries on a base of Sandalwood and Oakmoss for a fragrance reminiscent of sunshine and travel in the East.
Santal Wood
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santal wood

A sparkling trio of hot spices: Nutmeg, Black Pepper from Madagascar and Cardamom transports us to India with a precious Sandal Wood and to Morocco thanks to a noble Cedarwood.
So Amber
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so amber

The beautiful Moroccan Rose reveals a very Precious heart of Ambergris magnified by Indian Sandalwood and a hint of Iranian Saffron, and develops all its playfulness thanks to greedy...
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so iris intense

This perfume extract works very well alone. Yet, combined with Montale perfumes from the same olfactive universe, it will give you a unique and timeless chic sillage. "All the intensity...
Spicy Aoud
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spicy aoud

All the freshness of Orange combined with the warmth of Saffron on a delicate background of Patchouli reveals the intensity of a woody musk.
Sunset Flowers
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sunset flowers

The perfumed freshness of Lemon Tree's Leaves and Green Apples elegantly sustained by Blue Chamomile, Rose Tree's Leaves and Violet from Parma.
Sweet Oriental Dream
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sweet oriental dream

The loveliest Rose of France gives its elegance to Turkish delight, a subtle marriage of the noble Centifolia Rose and the fun accord of Almonds and Honey.
Sweet Vanilla
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sweet vanilla

All the sweetness of Vanilla revealed by the crispness of Apricot and the soft White Musk: an intense and powdery scent.
The New Rose
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the new rose

A walk in an oriental garden under the bright sun of Seville. Citrus fruits associated with sweet notes of Peach, Raspberry and Blackcurrant, unveil a floral heart of fresh Roses. Vanilla...
Tropical Wood
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tropical wood

A joyful combination of Bergamot, Passion Fruit and Pineapple, infused by strong spirited Aoud from Malaysia, shines on a titillating duo of Rose from Bulgaria and enthralling Violet, and...
Velvet Fantasy
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velvet fantasy

A solar fragrance where Citrus and Velvety Fruits mingle with the elegance of Rose and the gourmand femininity of Violet. Incense unveils Amber and White Musk in a bewitching and wild...
Velvet Flowers
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velvet flowers

An innovative harmony of Fruit, Flowers and Saffron: Peach Blossom, Centifolia Rose, Jasmine from Lebanon and Ylang-Ylang from Comoro Islands, for a sweet journey in the East's softness,...
Vetiver Patchouli
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vetiver patchouli

A tribute to sophistication, whose freshness cannot mask the voluptuousness of these hypnotic notes of vetiver and jasmine. The daring of pink pepper, the sweetness of carrot and the...
White Aoud
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white aoud

The Damascus Roses strength, underlined by Indian Saffron and Arabian Aoud, prepares the powdery softness of Sandalwood, Vetiver and Patchouli, over an elegant depth of precious Amber and...
White Musk
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white musk

On a starting point of Violet Leaves and Ylang-Ylang oil, the sublime fragrance of a very pure and feminine high quality White Musk.
Wild Aoud
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wild aoud

A smoky and diffusing character for this wild and noble Aoud combined with Teakwood, Patchouli from Sumatra and Tobacco, enveloped with Amber under a brilliant and piquant heart of...
Wild Pears
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wild pears

The sweetness of Pear is animated by Bergamot, heightened by Lily of the Valley and Carnation, supported by Sandalwood, feminized by the generous Vanilla and the lascivious White Musk....
Wood & Spices
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wood & spices

Ebony, Sandalwood, Vetiver, this precious wood trio combined with Incense Notes, Cardamom and Spices brings us to the Indian borders.